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Mayer Nudell -- Specialized Consulting Services
The Traveler's World Threat Map is designed to help travelers, educators, corporate officials, and others remain abreast of the changing conditions of international travel. It can complement the Travel Advisories Subscription Service and/or the Country Package as both an educational and a travel security planning tool or it can be used alone to alert travelers to potential dangers. The Traveler's World Threat Map is updated monthly and is delivered to subscribers via e-mail.

The Traveler's World Threat Map is provided on a subscription basis to individuals or to organizations for their internal use and licensing arrangements for external uses are available. Single copies of the map also may be purchased. For more information on subscriptions, single copies, or licensing, please click here.

Each country has been assigned a Threat Level based on a variety of considerations and an assessment of many factors and information developed from a variety of sources. These factors and information include:

  • crime levels and security conditions, including insurgencies, terrorism, etc.;
  • political/governmental stability, including the potential for violent demonstrations;
  • economic/social conditions;
  • health conditions; and
  • other factors that could affect travelers or expatriates.
These factors, singly and in combination, are reviewed and assessed to determine the assigned threat level, which generally is applied to the country as a whole. Therefore, some variation in conditions within a country is possible, and assigned threat levels should be used as a general guide regarding travel to and within a particular country.

Low Threat: Countries in this category are generally free of threats such as crime and security threats, although some incidents may occur. Governments are stable and effective. Health conditions are good and health services are world-class. Common sense is the best guide to security precautions in these countries.

Medium Threat: Countries in this category experience repeated political, economic, or social turmoil of a type that could pose a threat to a traveler or expatriate. Crime tends to be a problem, at least in major urban areas, and foreigners are often specifically targeted. Acts of terrorism or violent demonstrations occur, but not on a scale that threatens government control or political stability. Health problems may exist and/or services may not be universally available or of consistently high quality. Some security precautions and preparations are indicated.

High Threat: Countries in this category experience several problems. The security situation is unstable, and there may be one or more active insurgent and/or terrorist groups operating in portions of the country. Crime may be high and widespread, with most parts of the country affected and foreigners actively at risk. Police services may be unreliable. Street violence may be a regular and frequent byproduct of labor, social, or other demonstrations and the government is not always able to control this. The country may also be involved in disputes with one or more of its neighbors. Political stability is uncertain and the possibility of a coup or other violent change of government may exist. Foreigners may be the targets of official discrimination or arbitrary detention or other harassment. Travel within the country can be dangerous. Health services may be sub-standard. A high level of security preparedness and precautions is required. Travel to these countries should be undertaken only for the most urgent and important reasons. Foreign governments may suggest that their nationals depart the country.

Extreme Threat: Countries in this category suffer from political, economic, and/or social instability and the possibility of a complete governmental collapse exists. The government may not control portions of the country and insurgents/terrorists can operate at will anywhere and do so frequently—often specifically against foreign businesses and expatriates. Crime levels are extremely high and widespread, with effective police services lacking. Cities and rural areas are equally risky and travel should be undertaken with extreme caution. Foreign governments may have reduced or curtailed their diplomatic presence. Extremely high security precautions and preparedness are indicated and travel to these countries for any reason generally should be avoided.

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